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Who We Are

Pagkratios, the great grandfather whose name the taverna shares was born in 1886 and lived until 1966.

During his life, Pagkratios was a monk. He then became an accountant for metropolis,the head of the paphos church, It was there in 1916 that he loaned the money to repair the monastery Ayii Anargyri, translates as " those that healed without pay". In those days they did not have contracts, so when his boss at the the Metropolis died,the promise died with him and he lost everything.

In 1937 he took over the old school building where we are sitting now, and turned it into the first coffee shop in the village. He donated part of his land which was situated next to the church to build a new school. The coffee shop was closed in 1988 by Pappous(GrandFather) Neophytos.At December 2010 reoppened by Great Grandson of Pangratios name Neophytos and his wife Katerina as a Tavern.

Now the whole family run this successful taverna including brother Athos,sister Maria,mother Chrysoulla and Father Charalambous( who like his grandfather repaired a historic building Agios Symeon,where we were married and yia Yia/Grandmother Eleni.

In 2011 Pagkratios awarded as the best restaurant by Timeout eating awards.

In 2016 Pagkratios Restaurant awarded as the Best quality restaurant by Gastronomos Quality Awards.Click on the below link to read more about this award or watch the second video above.

Best Quality restaurant in 2016 by Gastronomos quality awards